Actus 16/08/2018


There were 160 of them, only one left : William Geoffray. In front of an assembly of a thousand Dan, the Frenchman won, in Kata, the 1st « Okinawa Karate International Tournament », the equivalent of the traditional Karate Worlds. First trained in Gensei Ryu, he was the French national team member at the WKF World Championships in Linz in 2016. Meanwhile, since 2010, he was training the Kyudokan style through the teaching of Patrick Rault. School he represented with dignity in Naha before an assembly of 9th and 10th Dan. He tells us.


By Ludovic Mauchien 

Photos : thanks to Shureido


Actus 07/05/2018

« All phenomena of existence around us are the works of a « heart », and it is only through the heart that things are created. In other words, existence is nothing but the thing that appears « heartily ». There is nothing but a « heart ».  In Japan, in Martial Arts, we often talk about « Kokoro » or « Shin », translated by heart or feeling. This is a reminder that the karateka must not forget that everything begins with feeling, that he must follow a human path, that he must learn to control his emotions. « Yuishin » symbolizes this approach.


By Patrick Rault