Actus 15/07/2019

Egypt's Giana Lotfy became for the third time African champion in Botswana at the continental championships played July 12-14 and part of the Olympic ranking. In the Nations standings, Morocco finished first with 9 medals including 6 in gold, ahead of Egypt (4, 4, 3) and Tunisia. In all age categories, Egypt is ahead of Morocco.


By Florian Fournier

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Actus 12/07/2019

Head coach of Senegal, technical director of Besançon (France), social actor of the city in the helping of young people, Fode Ndao is a man of land and a karateka who fights to develop his discipline. Present in Botswana for the African Championships (July 12-14), he evokes the current state of karate on the African continent. 

By Florian Fournier
Photos : D.R