Actus 15/11/2018


He was predicted the greatest future. But he couldn’t wait, he didn’t want to. He rather lives the present. Senior World champion at 21, MVP of the competition and most beautiful final of the tournament ! France’s Steven Da Costa (-67 kg) is the king of Madrid (November 6-11). A Worlds gold that owes nothing to chance, but all in talent and training. The Frenchman has questioned his Karate for the past two years, to better improve, to live what he is done for : winning ! How did Steven Da Costa become World champion ?...


By Ludovic Mauchien 

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Actus 13/11/2018


The World championships in Madrid have just ended. Some favorites are too. Many have missed. One of the consequences is that the nice stories have not failed. The fresh and sparkling gold medal Dorota Banaszczyk and Eleni Chatziliadou, the title and the superb finale of Steven Da Costa, the Ushiro Ura Mawashi of Horne for his first coronation, the bronze of the master, Rafael Aghayev, the excellence of Bunkaï Japanese and fighters of the French team, sacred world champions ... Woes and misfortunes, stats and anecdotes of the 1st World « Olympic » (November 6-11). To snack !


By Florian Fournier and Ludovic Mauchien

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Actus 13/11/2018


The 1st World title of Steven Da Costa at only 21 years old. The 3rd consecutive gold medal of Ryu Kiyuna and Iran’s male Kumite team. Jonathan Horne's heavyweight victory, Sandra Sanchez's one in kata, the wins of sparklings Dorota Banaszczyk and Eleni Chatziliadou, Rafael Aghayev's 7th World medal... These World championships in Madrid (November 6-11, 2018) confirmed Japan’s lead and the excellence of the Iranian fighters.


Actus 10/11/2018

In Madrid, Greece’s Elena Chatziliadou has become world champion by beating Japan’s Uekusa (+68 kg) in the remake of the 2016 final. Jonathan Horne (+84 kg) of Germany finally became World champion, and France’s Steven Da Costa (-67 kg), at only 21 years old, brilliantly won his 1st but maybe not last title. Poland’s Banaszczyk created the sensation in the -55 kg. Summmary of the 1st day of the Madrid’s finals.

By Florian Fournier in Madrid
Photo : D.R 

Actus 11/11/2018

On this last day of the World championships in Madrid, the show was on. In kumite as in kata, Iran and Japan hold their world titles. Turkey and Spain failed to overthrow the hierarchy.

By Florian Fournier in Madrid

Photo: D.R.

Actus 09/11/2018

The reigning world champion, Iran, is back in the final. The Persians will be opposed to Turkey, running European champion on Sunday in male category. In female, France will live its 5th final in a row. The reigning World champion will fight against Japan on Saturday.

By Florian Fournier in Madrid
Photo / Kphotos