Actus 08/04/2020


We all know Lyoto Machida, the UFC 94 kg belt holder, the international MMA star in Karate mode, unbeaten in 16 fights. But, in Belém, at the gates of the Amazon, he is the son of. In this case, Yoshizo, 7th dan, trained by the founders of JKA, arrived in Brazil at 22. He trained his 4 sons in Karate. We spent three days with the Machida family. Lyoto was preparing for his 2nd match against Shogun at the UFC 113...


Par Ludovic Mauchien

Photos : LM


Actus 02/04/2020


Jesse Enkamp, ​​you probably know him better by the name of “Karate Nerd”, the most popular blogger in the world. Finnish international in Kata, he is passionate about art as much as sport, its history, its variety, its soul. He wanted to go to the roots of pre-Okinawan Karate, in Southern China, at the 2nd Shaolin temple. He talks about the White crane and Insane boxing schools, compares old taos to modern katas, discusses the evolution of techniques. Exciting !


By Ludovic Mauchien

Photo: DR


Actus 27/03/2020

Exercising is good, but controlling your diet during this containment period is better ! How to compensate the lack of physical activities ? How to best boost your immune system ? Frozen or tinned food ? Red or white meat ? How much ?... Nutritionist of the French Judo and Sailing national teams and the Cofidis cycling team, Laurie-Anne Marquet gives us very practical advices (a typical safe day, to avoid/favor) and answers 15 daily questions.


By Ludovic Mauchien

Photos : DR / Isabelle Geiger


Actus 06/01/2020


His answers look like his Karate, incisive, clever, thoughtful and alive. Gichin Funakoshi or Mas. Oyama ? Rafaël Aghayev or Luigi Busa ? Kihon or Kata ? Kizami or Gyaku ?... Ukraine’s Stanislav Horuna, 4-time European medalist and 3rd in the 2014 Worlds, played the interview game “Hajime !”…


By Ludovic Mauchien

Photos : Kphotos / DR


Actus 30/01/2020


Jacques Tapol, 8th Dan, world champion in 1986, is never stingy with ideas. For 10 years, in his club in Paris, the Kikentaï, he has organized Kagami Biraki, a traditional event symbolically marking the revival. This year, 23 students braved the strike and the cold to live an unforgettable night. 4 training sessions interspersed with 2 hours of sleep on the tatami, a jogging and a break test to finish at 9 am…


By Ludovic Mauchien

Photo : LM


Actus 20/12/2019


12 competitions, 10 podiums, 6 wins ! Finally, the year 2019 would have looked like the previous ones for Serap Ozcelik, At 31 years old, the 2014 World champion (3rd in 2012 and 2018) and 4 times European champion, may never even have seemed so strong. World n°1 in -50 kg, Olympic n°1 in -55 kg, ahead of Terliuga, the Turkish champion appears as a great pretendant for a medal at the Tokyo Olympics. She answered the Hajime ! interview. Aghayev, Busa, Miyahara, Recchia, Ura Mawashi…


By Ludovic Mauchien

Photo : Kphotos