To develop intuition and the ability to read others, to feel and anticipate the intention (of the opponent), to transform an aggressive intention into a peaceful action. It is the spirit of Ishin Denshin, literally « from heart to heart », that offers us Patrick Rault, 8th Dan Okinawa. He usually draws his calligraphies but, at the beginning of the year, he chose to present one of his master, Tsuji Tamizo.

Text : Patrick Rault

It's the beginning of the year. This is the time of « Kakizome », « the first calligraphy of the year », literally the « first writing ». A centuries-old tradition where everyone reflects their wishes or resolutions for the new year.

Patrick Rault chose to present us one of the calligraphies of the one who was his master in the matter for 8 years in Tokyo (1994-2002) Tsuji Tamizo, who died at the beginning of this century.

« He was a former Kamikaze pilot-instructor, although he hated war », says Patrick Rault. « But, as he told me one day : « we had no choice : ». I did not take long to understand that this man was out of the ordinary. At the end of the war, in 1945, he promised himself to deeply study the Japanese culture (Iaido, Kendo, calligraphy, floral art, tea ceremony, poetry, No theater...) » Today, his student tells us about Ishin Deshin ...

Ÿ « Ishin Denshin means that without talking or writing we can naturally understand each other heart to heart. It is an expression that comes from Zen Buddhism. Legend has it that monks were teaching their disciples by Ishin Denshin ».

Ÿ « I believe that martial arts should be taught by Ishin Denshin. The master should ensure that his students become accustomed to this method in order to develop intuition and the ability to read others ».

Ÿ « This implies that the master must purify his own heart (Senshin) and make a great deal of effort with to develop are honest attitude as the disciple is going to be connected to him by observing and feeling rather than listening alone ».

Ÿ « Isn’t it essential then to read others, not only in combat but also in daily life, to feel their intentions ? Of course ! »

Ÿ « Via Ishin Denshin, we can turn an aggressive intention into a peaceful action. In combat, we can anticipate the intention of the adversary in order to win ».

Ÿ « Without knowing it, we communicate with others subconsciously, as if connected by an invisible link and all of our thoughts take place in this invisible world. It’s like throwing a stone into still water, you can see the ripples but the stone is out of sight. Everyday, subconsciously, we receive millions of messages in this way but we give them little importance, because we have many other priorities in daily life rather than meditating on them. We are more connected to others than we think ».

Ÿ « It’s an optical delusion creatd by our subconscious to think we are separated from others and the rest of the world. Each individual is a cell of humanity. One of the objectives of teaching Ishin Denshin is to become aware of this reality. Furthermore by associating this communication of Ishin Denshin with a deep feeling of compassion we can free ourselves from the prison of our spirit to embrace all living creatures, nature and its beauty ».


Patrick Rault, 8th Okinawa Dan, 7th Dan in France, immersed himself for 15 years in Japan. Student of Higa Minoru Sensei, Hanshi 10th Dan of Kyudokan School, Shorin-Ryu style, he draws his own calligraphies.

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