Jonathan Horne (+84 kg), Eleni Chatziliadou (+68 kg) and Sandra Sanchez Jaime (Kata) honored their World title by winning the Shanghai Serie A (December 7-9). Stanislav Horuna (-75 kg) returns to success as Zabiollah Poorshab (-84 kg) and Anzhelica Terliuga (-55 kg). All the results.

By Ludovic Mauchien / Photo : Kphotos


-60 kg

  1. Yari Ilzouleh (Ira)
  2. Samdan (Tur)
  3. Brose (Bra) and Rodionov (Est)

It’s quite a big surprise to see the victory of Iran’s Yari Ilzouleh, successively winner of the two-times World champion Douglas Brose, of Saymatov in semi final and, in the final, of Turkey’s Samdan. What a tournament !

-67 kg

  1. Ismail (Egy)
  2. Figueira (Bra)
  3. Nakano (Jap) and Mehdizadeh (Ira)

Following his great performance in Madrid, Brazil’s World silver medallist Vinicius Figueira struck again. He first eliminated the former -60 kg World champion, Iran’s Mehdizadeh, but he fell on a bone in the final, Egypt’s Ismail.

-75 kg

  1. Horuna (Ukr)
  2. Garibovic (Cro)
  3. Sakiyama (Jap) and Eltemur (Tur)

He needed points for the ranking. He filled up. Stanislav Horuna won his third victory of the year by dominating Ryabov, Eltemur in the semi-finals (2-0) and Garibovic in the final (4-0).

-84 kg

  1. Poorshab (Ira)
  2. Chikhmarev (Kaz)
  3. Ahmed Ramadan (Egy) and Martina (Ita)

3rd of the last Worlds, Iran’s Zabiollah Poorshab finishes the year in great shape. Winner of Shimada, Ahmed Ramadan and Chen, he then beat Chikhmarev in the final (2-0).

+84 kg

  1. Horne (Ger)
  2. Lardy (NL)
  3. Irr (USA) and Costa (Bel)

Jonathan Horne demonstrates an exceptional form in recent months. World champion in Madrid, he played his fifth final of the year in Shanghai. After defeating Kaptan, Costa and Ashourigarmjani, the German champion dominated Lardy in the final (2-1).


  1. Quintero (Spa)
  2. Zaresta (Ina)
  3. Hayashida (Jap) and Shimbaba (Jap)

In the absence of Kiyuna, the Moto-Quintero-Shimbaba duel was awaited with impatience. The Spaniard had the last word. He dominated Shimbaba in the semifinal (4-1) before winning 5-0 in the final against Zaresta. Moto lost in 8th against Turkey’s Goktas (3-2).

Kata team

  1. Kuwait
  2. Yamanashi Gakuin Univ. (Jap)
  3. Kokushinkan Univ. (Jap) and Kokushinkan Univ.2 (Jap)

-50 kg

  1. Demirturk (Tur)
  2. Plank (Aut)
  3. Gomez Morales (Spa) and Gu Shiau (Tpe)

This is the big one, the greatest performance of Shanghai ! Gulsen Demirturk was ranked 104th in the World before this Serie A. The U16 silver European medalist in 2016 beat Austria's Plank in the final.

-55 kg

  1. Terliuga (Ukr)
  2. Ishiai (Jap)
  3. Nakamura (Jap) and Kumizaki (Bra)

Anzhelika Terliuga did not do in detail. 3-0 in the semi-final against Bulgaria’s Goranova, 4-0 in the final against Ishiai. The European champion and World n°1 gets her 5th podium of the year. World champion Banaszczyk of Poland lost to Italia’s Brunori in the round of 16.

-61 kg

  1. Jumaa (Can)
  2. Ferrer Garcia (Spa)
  3. Yin Xiaoyan (Chi) and Kujuro (Jap)

It was her day ! Canada's Haya Jumaa dominated Serogina, Lenard and then the 2016 World champion, Gianna Lofty, in the semi-final (1-0). In the final, she dominated Ferrer Garcia at the decision.


-68 kg

  1. Gong Li (Chi)
  2. Abdelaziz (Egy)
  3. Someya (Jap) and Eltemur (Tur)

Japan's Someya took her revenge from the World final against Azerbaijan’s Irina Zaretska. But it was « only » for bronze. They both lost to Gong Li, Zaretska in the first round (4-0) and Someya in the semi-final (7-0). In the final, the Chinese fighter defeated Egypt's Abdelaziz (4-0), who had beaten Switzerland's Quirici in ½ final. Eltemur then beat Quirici for bronze.

+68 kg

  1. Chatziliadou (Gre)
  2. Gao (Chi)
  3. Rodrigues (Bra) and Sawae (Jap)

The Greek world champion, Eleni Chatziliadou, is in great shape ! She dominated Spain’s Torres Garcia in the ½ final (6-4) before taking the measure of China’s Gao in the final (3-1).


  1. Sanchez Jaime (Spa)
  2. Bottaro (Ita)
  3. Grace Lau (HK) and Iwamoto (Jap)

The World Champion is on a cloud. Sandra Sanchez Jaime again dominated Iwamoto (5-0) and Bottaro in the final (4-1). Grace Lau lost in ¼ against Bottaro before going to get the bronze.

Kata team

  1. Spain
  2. China 2
  3. Slovakia and Ronin Mamisde (Aus)