The Da Costa twins medalists, Rafael Aghayev's first win in 17 months, the top guns including Assadilov down, Busa vs Horuna, the fight of this K1, the success of Sanchez Jaime, the joy of Hubrich, the new victory of Terliuga... Feats of arms and cool stories of the Moscow Karate 1 (October 4-6).

By Ludovic Mauchien / Photo: Kphotos


The K1 Moscow fight : Busa vs Horuna

We do not get tired of this -75 kg category. Once again, the fight that caught our attention, that accelerated our Karate supporter heart took place in -75 kg. ¼ final : Luigi Busa vs Stanislav Horuna. They met at the same stage 15 days ago in Santiago. The Ukrainian won 3-1. Has time of revenge came for the Italian ?

The two fighters are so wary of each other that nothing happens in the first part of the fight, but we feel the tension inherent of the great sport moments. Both accelerate in the last 30 seconds. Horuna scores a first time, then a second in a few seconds’ time by 2 Gyaku (2-0).

About twenty seconds remain. It seems over. Busa does not accept it, Horuna no longer attacks and lets him come... The Italian tries a 1st Ura Mawashi, then a 2nd one ! But they are not in. There are 2 seconds left... Luigi Busa launches his Mawashi. Ippon ! He wins 3-2.

Rafael Aghayev the XXIInd

He had not won since the European championships in May 2018. Some said he was going down. He talks about time management and peak shape. He had taken a lot of advance. He had lostit, despite his 7 podiums (4 silver, 3 bronze). He is back on the front of the stage with this win in Moscow. And without cashing a single point, please ! Who is the King ? ! Rafael Aghayev has just won his 22nd gold medal in Moscow, dominating Iran’s World champion Asgari with a Mawashi Chudan in the ½ final (2-0).

The Da Costa medalists

The twins Steven and Jessie Da Costa both won a medal at the same tournament for the first time in the Senior category. Steven (-67 kg) is in gold, Jessie (-84 kg) in bronze.

Anzhelica Terliuga untouchable

Ukraine's Anzhelica Terliuga played her fourth final in a row, her 7th of the year ! And she won her 5th victory in 2019. She is more than ever the # 1 in her category (-55 kg).

Irina Zaretska too

The World champion (-68 kg) had not won since her title won in November 2018. She has won two consecutive victories in Tokyo and Moscow. Last weekend, she even didn’t take any points !

Sanchez Jaime in gold again

The duel is still thrilling between Sanchez Jaime and Kiyou Shimizu. The Spanish had to win to hope to play the 2019 Grand Winner title in Madrid. It's done ! The two Kata women each have 3 wins. It promises for Spain !

Steven Da Costa hits hard

He had not won since the European championships in March. Frenchman Steven Da Costa has remembered his opponents that he is the n°1 by winning another tournament. A success that confirms his 1st place in the ranking.

Zabiollah Poorshab takes revenge

Zabiollah Poorshab vs Ryutaro Araga. A big Classic of the -84 kg. In Tokyo K1, the Japanese won. In Moscow, it was the Iranian who took the win through Senshu (2-2).

Gogita Arkania impresses

1st win since the Paris Open in January and 4th medal in a row for the Georgian Gogita Arkania (+84 kg) who makes a great comeback in the Olympic ranking. He is not yet in the 4 qualified through the ranking but he comes back to the top at great speed. And if he created the surprise for Tokyo ?

In Moscow, after beating German World champion Jonathan Horne in the semifinal (0-0, flags), he won the 3-times World finalist, Iran’s Sajad Ganjzadeh in the final, thanks to a superb sweep (7-3).

Emil Pavlov creates the surprise

He had not won a Premier League since 2013. The 2018 European champion created the surprise by winning in Moscow despite a difficult draw. Macedonia’s Emil Pavlov successively beat Saymatov (8-7), Kalnins (5-3), Brose (2-0), Crescenzo (1-0) and Samdan in the final (3-1). Congrats !

Top guns out

Would it be the jet lag ? The one who made the Europeans go from + 7h in Japan to -5h in Chile then to + 1h in Moscow. The fact remains that the great majority of the top guns got eliminated very quickly, regardless of the category.

Bahmanyar again

The young Iranian Bahmanyar has become the new terror of -50 kg. Victorious of the K1 Tokyo, she has again won in Moscow.

The feat of Hubrich

The young German will long remember this 2019K1 Moscow. She dominated the World champion Miyahara in the ½ final by attacking without fear and fastly scoring a Mawashi (3-0) for a 4-3 success and an explosive joy. But in the final, her first for 2 years, she could not find the way against Bahmanyar and loses 1-0.

Darkhan Assadilov misses the 5-under

Winner of the last 4 K1, Kazakh Assadilov lost in the 1/2 final to the decision (0-0) against Turkey’s Samdan. He then lost bronze to fellow countryman Shymirbekov (4-1).

Referees not in a good shape

Mistake is human and understandable. But the refereeing in Moscow gave rise to (too) many errors. Too many fights have seen the final decision reversed by arbitrary and / or incomprehensible referee decisions. Did the referees all have the level to judge an international competition ? Still, the sports law has taken a hit and respect for the work of the athletes too. Can do better !

Brawl / Disqualification

He is usually rather placid and calm but this time, he answered back ! Germany’s Jonathan Horne answered to the provocation of Russia’s Antokhii, World 56th, in their fight for the bronze medal. Pif, paf, pouf, hook, re hook. Kikaku ! Something that has become (very) rare but makes us remember that the champions are not only athletes, but also and especially fighters.