Asgari, Zaretska, Lotfy, Uygur and Quirici. Most of them are qualified for Tokyo thanks to their bronze medal in Dubai (Feb 14-16). Asgari wants gold in Japan, Zaretska thanks Agier for the good fight, Lotfy wants to do her Karate again, with beautiful techniques, Uygur can still expect a direct way to Tokyo, Quirici forecasts plans to win… Their statements.

By Ludovic Mauchien


Bahman Asgari : « I want to win the Olympics »

Irina Zaretska : « Thanks Alizee for the good fight »

Giana Lotfy : « Now I am qualified, I am going to do my Karate »

Burak Uygur : « Now? I have a chance. I want to use it »

Elena Quirici : « I have already new plans for the next competition »