He trains hard to erase his weak points so he can be stronger in the world after. We do not change ! So is Luigi Busa. The current pandemic has affected the man but not the champion. The Sicilian legend is still hungry of success and gets prepared to make the show. He takes the opportunity to say hello to his karateka buddies whom he has not seen for a (too) long time.

By Ludovic Mauchien / Photo : Kphotos

He had planned to qualify for the Games, dreamed of winning the gold medal, planned to get married after the Olympics, possibly to end his career at 33, after 6 world medals (including 2 titles) and 13 European ones (including 5 titles).

He married last September to Laura Pasqua, his national teammate. But that was before the Games and the end of his career. We will have the pleasure to see the Italian for another season, and maybe more. Because the Sicilian does not set a limit. He never settled on it. He is not going to start today.

He obviously misses the competition, but this « special situation », as he calls it, if it has changed the man, did not change the competitor. He doesn’t look at things the same anymore, except for Karate and his thirst for winning. « Let’s train to make the show in the future », he states !

What is your mindset after 9 months without competing ?

This is the week of the World championships that should be held in Dubai... Maybe my last ones, maybe not… Who knows ? What I know is that I am so sorry they have been canceled.

9 months without competition is something that has never happened before in my career. It’s very strange for sure, and I missed competition a lot, but the situation does not allow us to do anything else. I train a lot, especially my weak points, to be ready when it is possible to compete.

How do look at your future ?

I don’t think about my future. As long as I feel good, I have fun and I am competitive, I will keep fighting. I love competition ! I have some ideas for the future but, for now, I keep them for me.

Is this pandemics has changed your way of looking at life and at your career ?

Yes, this pandemic has changed so much my way of seeing things. I really understood what the important things are and that we are privileged to do what we like. I am sad about all the lives taken and for people who are sick, for those who suffer economic damages (NB : as Carabinieri like all the national team, he has a salary). We must be strong and hope that this special situation will end as soon as possible to return to the normality that everyone is missing.

I wish to say to be careful and use precautions, and I take this opportunity to greet all my fellow friends karateka. We haven’t seen each other for so long. We keep training to make the show in the future. Oss !


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