The post-Olympic era had its first stage this weekend (September 3-5) with Karate1 Cairo (Egypt). Few ahletes registered, even fewer Olympians, and many new young people who foreshadow Karate for years to come. At home, the Egyptians made the law. All the results.

By Ludovic Mauchien

Here we go again ! After successful Olympics, Karate began its new life. Logically, a little month after Tokyo, Karate1 in Cairo, initially planned in Tashkent, welcomed few people (208 athletes). Only 6 countries had sent more than 10 athletes : Egypt (32), Belgium (15), Italy (13), Ukraine (20), Slovakia (15) and Spain (12).

And most of them were young people called to become the future of Karate, if not the present. Very few Olympians came, only Anita Serogina (-61 kg) won. Gogita Arkania (+84 kg) finished 5th, eliminated in round robin (1 win, 1 loss), Elena Quirici (-68 kg) ranked 3rd, like Kokumai and Ariel Torres Gutierrez, bronze medalist in Tokyo, in Kata.

Among the unqualified for the Olympic Games, the Brazilian couple, Valeria Kumizaki (-50 kg) and Vinicius Figueira (-67 kg) distinguished themselves by winning in their respective category, as well as the Ukrainian Melnyk (-68 kg) and the Philippine Tsuki (-50 kg). The Canadian Haya Jumaa (-61 kg) reached the final, just like Tadissi (-67 kg).

Played in the round robin format except in +68 kg, -60 kg and -67 kg, this Karate1 saw Egypt lead at home. Only Ukraine and Brazil, also by the law of numbers, stood up to it.

Next steps to the World championships in Dubai (November 16-21), the Karate1 Moscow on October 1st-3rd. and the K1Rabat on October 29-31.


-60 kg

1. Salama (Egy)

2. Tas (Alg)

3. Stefanyuk (Ukr) / Filipov (Ukr)

-67 kg

1. Figueira (Bra)

2. Tadissi (Hun)

3. Rodriguez (Mex) / G. De Vivo (Ita)

-75 kg

1. Abdelaziz (Egy)

2. Rettenbacher (Aut)

3. Rodriguez (Chi) / Zaplitnyi (Ukr)

-84 kg

1. Badawy (Egy)

2. Mohamed (Egy)

3. Deghali (Bel) / Ramadan (Egy)

+84 kg

1. Mahmoud (Egy)

2. Mohamed (Egy)

3. Costa (Bel) / Talibov (Ukr)


1. Tozaki (USA)

2. Abe (Jpn)

3. Galan Lopez (Spa) / Torres Gutierrez (USA)

Team Kata

1. Spain (Galan, Garcia, Manzana)

2. Egypt (Hassan, Ghaly, Elghobashy)

3. Egypt (Mohamed, Hammad, Elkoumy) / Spain (Tardio, Pereda, Carbonell)



-50 kg

1. Tsukii (Phi)

2. Rashed (Egy)

3. Salama (Egy) / Elgewily (Egy)

-55 kg

1. Kumizaki (Bra)

2. Pereira (Bra)

3. Kuklova (Svk) / Schaerer (Swi)

-61 kg

1. Serogina (Ukr)

2. Jumaa (Can)

3. Aly (Egy) / Pereira (Bra)

-68 kg

1. Melnyk (Ukr)

2. Sieliemienieva (Ukr)

3. Ajaray (Mor) / Quirici (Swi)

+68 kg

1. Abouismail (Egy)

2. Stepashko (Ukr)

3. Helmy (Egy) / Stubleva (Bul)


1. Maho Ono (Jpn)

2. T. D’Onofrio (Ita)

3. Casale (Ita) / Kokumai (USA)

Team Kata

1. Spain (Roy Rubio, Rodriguez, Lopez)

2. Brazil (Teixeira, S. Pereira, C. Pereira)

3. Egypt (Mahmoud, Hesham, Antar) / Saoudi Arabia (Alzaid, Alammar, Al Saeed)