Horuna vs Aghayev. Everyone was hoping for this fight on the 2nd day of the European Games in Minsk. Done ! The two men, respectively World n°2 and n°1, met in the final. This time, the Ukrainian won the gold (4-0), as did Plank, Kalnins, Serogina, Goranova, Maresca in their category.

By Florian Fournier / Photo : KPhotos



In an one-way final, Latvia’s Kalvis Kalnins wins 4-0 against the 2015 winner, Azerbaijan’s Farzaliyev. The Italian World champion, Angelo Cresenzo, lost to Kalnins in the semi-final (3-1) and finished 3rd.

Final: Kalnins (Lat) b. Farzaliyev (Aze), 4-0

Bronze: Farzaliyev (Aze) b. Plakhutin (Rus), 0-0 / Kalnins (Lat) b. Crescenzo (Ita), 3-1

  1. Kalnins (Lat)
  2. Farzaliyev (Aze)
  3. Plakhutin (Rus) and Cresenzo (Ita)


Luca Maresca, 2nd in -60 kg in 2015, won four years later in -67 kg. In the final, the Italian dominates Montenegro’s Hodzic 4-3. In the absence of Steven Da Costa, and with the early elimination of Uygur in pool (3 times 0-0), the path was open for Maresca.

Final: Maresca (Ita) b. Hodzic (Mne), 4-3

Bronze: Maresca (Ita) b. Tadissi (Hun), 2-0 / Hodzic (Mne) b. Krautsou (Blr), 4-0

  1. Maresca (Ita)
  2. Hodzic (Mne)
  3. Tadissi (Hon) et Krautsou (Blr)


What a fight ! What a victory of Horuna! After their semifinal of the last European championships where Aghayev won, this time, it is the Ukrainian Stanislav Horuna who wins 4-0 and, in addition, gets the title. This is his first international title. The world N°2 puts pressure on the legend of the category. To note the absence of Luigi Busa.

Final: Horuna (Ukr) b. Aghayev (Aze), 4-0

Bronze: Horuna (Ukr) b. Harspataki (Hun), 3-2 / Aghayev (Aze) b. Artamonov (Est), 2-1

  1. Horuna (Ukr)
  2. Aghayev (Aze)
  3. Harspataki (Hon) and Artamonov (Est)

-50 kg

Great Premiere for Austria’s Bettina Plank, winner of Serap Ozcelik 5-1 in the final. Finalist in 2015 against the same Ozcelik, she managed to take over the Turkish to afford her first title since the 2015 European Championships. For her part, Serap Ozcelik continues to get podiums.

Final: Plank (Aut) b. Ozcelik (Tur), 5-1

Bronze: Ozcelik (Tur) b. Bouderbane (Fra), 2-0 / Plank (Aut) b. Koulinkovitch (Blr), 0-0

  1. Plank (Aut)
  2. Ozcelik (Tur)
  3. Bouderbane (Fra) and Kulinkovich (Blr)


Second thunderclap of the day and the finals with the success of Bulgaria’s Ivet Goranova at the expense of Anzhelika Terliuga (3-2). In a podium totally new compared to 2015, the Bulgarian was not among the favorites. The European champion, Luxemburg Warling, finishes 3rd.

Final: Goranova (Bul) b. Terliuga (Ukr), 3-2

Bronze: Terliuga (Ukr) b. Bitsch (Ger), 8-2 / Goranova (Bul) b. Warling (Lux), 0-0

  1. Goranova (Bul)
  2. Terliuga (Ukr)
  3. Bitsch (Ger) and Warling (Lux)


In an unprecedented final, Ukrainian Serogina won 3-1 to clinch the title. The surprising Ristic, winner of Gwendoline Philippe in the semifinals, did not manage to conclude his beautiful day to win the gold. The European champion, the Turkish Coban, is content with third place.

Final: Serogina (Ukr) b. Ristic (Slo), 3-1

Bronze: Ristic (Slo) b. Philippe (Fra), 4-2 / ​​Serogina (Ukr) b. Coban (Tur), 2-2

  1. Serogina (Ukr)
  2. Ristic (Slo)
  3. Coban (Tur) and Philippe (Fra)

 Day 1 summary and results