Ukraine’s Stanislav Horuna and Iran’s Asiabari were the two strong men of the day in -75 kg and defeated all adversity to compete in the final on Sunday of the K1 Rabat (19-21 April). Aghayev fell as early as his first fight. In -67 kg, the two-time Turkish European champion, Burak Uygur, has found colors again and will be opposed to Egypt’s Elsawy. The complete results.

By Ludovic Mauchien / Photo: Kphotos




Final: Samdan (Tur) vs Assadilov (Kaz)

Bronze: Crescenzo (Ita) vs Sago (Jap) and Saymatov (Uzb) vs Minami (Jap)


Final: Uygur (Tur) vs Elsawy (Egy)

Bronze: Abdelgawad (Egy) vs Shinohara (Jap) and Funahashi (Jap) vs. Nakano (Jap)


Final: Horuna (Ukr) vs Asiabari (Irn)

Bronze: Nakamura (Jap) vs. Nishimura (Jap) and L. Da Costa (Fra) vs. Aghayev (Aze)

Kata team

Final: Russia vs Turkey

Bronze: Morocco 1 vs Algeria 1 and Morocco 2 vs Algeria 2


-50 kg

Final: Ozcelik (Tur) vs. Sayed (Egy)

Bronze: Plank (Aut) vs. Ku (Tpe) and Kulinkovich (Blr) vs. Tsukii (Phi)


Final: Terliuga (Ukr) vs Wen (Tpe)

Bronze: Agung (Ina) vs. Yakan Tuba (Tur) and Yamada (Jap) vs. Khaksar (Irn)


Final: Shimizu (Jap) vs Sanchez Jaime (Spa)

Bronze: Grace Lau (HK) vs Eltemur (Tur) et Ono (Jap) vs Bottaro (Ita)