After a second day of competition in Moscow, the boss are in the place. Ryutaro Araga, Sajad Ganjzadeh, Ryo Kiyuna, Damian Quintero, Irina Zaretska and Ayumi Uekusa reached the final.

 By Florian Fournier / Photos : Kphotos


-84kg / Araga once more in the final

Winner in Tokyo in early September, Japan’s Ryutaro Araga is again in the final. Winner in the semifinal of his fellow countryman Shimada (4-3), the 2016 world champion confirms his come back to highlights.
He will be opposed to Iran’s Poorshaab for another duel between the two men. The Iranian champion beat in the semi-final the surprise of the day, France’s Jessie Da Costa (5-1). Zabiollah Poorshaab keeps going to be regular and is looked as one of the favorites of this category.

Final : Araga (Jap) / Poorshaab (Ira)
Bronze : Shimada (Jap) / Denisenko (Rus) and Da Costa (Fra) / Mijalkovic (Srb)

+84 kg / Ganjzadeh Learned the lesson

Defeated in Tokyo for the bronze medal by Mehdi Filali, Sajad Ganjzadeh won his semi-final against the French guy (2-0) and qualified for the final. Strategic and pragmatic, The Iranian champion seems to have studied the French guy during this month of separation between Tokyo and Moscow. For the final, he will meet Gogita Arkania, winner of the German World champion Jonathan Horne at the decision.

Final : Ganjzadeh (Ira) / Arkania (Geo)
Bronze : Filali (Fra) / Timmermans (Cur) and Horne (All) / Anthokii (Rus)

Male Kata / Kiyuna and Quintero once again in final

The world n°1 and n°2 qualified for the K1 Moscow final. With 27,38 on Anan Daï, Ryo Kiyuna reached the final but, for the first time, Kazumasa Moto was very close to beat the 3-times world champion. The latter, with 27,08 on Gankaku, will play the bronze medal on Sunday.
On his side, Damian Quintero reached the final with 26,9 on Anan Daï. He will be try to beat Ryo Kiyuna for the second time in his carreer. For the bronze medal, it will be two matchs 100% japanese. Shimbaba vs Yuhei and Arata vs Moto.

Final : Kiyuna (Jap) / Quintero (Spa)
Bronze : Shimbaba (Jap) / Yuhei (Jap) and Arata (Jap) / Moto (Jap)


-61 kg / Alipourkheska and Jumaa, a new final

Asian silver medalist, Iran’s Alipourkheska will play her first final in Karate 1. Winner of Lotfy in the semi-final (0-0, decision), the young woman is on her way to a first major title. Facing her on Sunday, Canada’s Haya Jumaa large winner of Gwendoline Philippe in the other semifinal (8-0), will try to block her road and win the title.

Final : Alipourkheska (Ira) / Jumaa (Can)
Bronze : Philippe (Fra) / XXX  and Lotfy (Egy) / XXX

-68kg / Zaretska Unstoppable

Winner of the Tokyo K1, reigning world champion, Irina Zarestka no longerstops. Winner of Montenegro’s Rakovic, in the semi final (3-0), the Azerbaijan champion is more than ever the boss of -68kg. In the final, she will face China’s Gong, winner of her semi final thanks to Senshu (5-5) against Italy’s Semeraro.

Final : Zaretska (Aze) / Gong (Chn)
Bronze : Rakovic (Mne) / Pedersen (Dan) and Semeraro (Ita) / Eltemur (Tur)

+68kg / Uekusa on fire

Ayumi Uekusa, star of the Japanese female kumite, is once again in the final of a K1. 8 points scored, 0 redeemed during all day, the Japanese champion flew over this day. In the final, she will face the local Ivanna Zaytseva. Russia’s overwelming winner of Kazakhstan’s Berultseva in the semifinal (12-5), will have much to do to beat Uekusa.

Final : Uekusa (Jap) / Zaytseva (Rus)
Bronze : Abbasali (Ira) / Garcia Torres (Spa) and Berultseva (Kaz) / Hocaoglu (Tur)