They are in the final, not their direct opponents. Stanislav Horuna and Angelo Crescenzo do the good operation on this first day of Karate1 Salzburg (28 Feb-1 March), antepenultimate qualifying event for the Tokyo Olympics. In the final, they will face Asgari, 3rd final in 4 K1 and Pavlov, 2nd podium assured after Moscow.

By Ludovic Mauchien / Photo : Kphotos

The fight of the day

The direct qualification may have been played there, in the 60 kg ½ final. Angelo Crescenzo beat Eray Samdam, 5-1. Very close for the Olympic ticket, the Italian and the Turk play a blow to me, a blow to you. With this win, Crescenzo increases his lead before the last 2 deadlines (Rabat and the European championships).

The performance of the day

Unknown 3 months ago, the Spanish Gomez Morales (-50 kg) qualified for her second final in a row. She took her revenge on Ozcelik (4-0) in the 1st round and then dominated Plank, 8-4 in the ½ final.

Azerbaijani Hasanov (-67 kg) will play his first final since 2013.

The crazy ones…

The novel continues in -75 kg ! this time, no Busa-Aghayev in the final. It will be Horuna-Asgari. Horuna beat Busa, 5-1 in the quarterfinal, while Eltemur defeated Aghayev 4-3. And Harspataki defeated Nishimura 3-3.

Horuna does the great thing since Scott Thomas lost 4-1 in the 2nd round against Mahuden. 3rd final in 4 K1 for Asgari,

-60 kg

Final : Crescenzo vs Pavlov

Bronze : Samdan vs Plakhutin / Assadilov vs Baiturayev

½ final : Crescenzo defeats Samdan, 5-1. Pavlov defeated Assadilov, 2-1

-67 kg

Final : Maresca vs Hasanov

Bronze : Pokorny vs Elsawy / Uygur vs Bexultan

½ finals : Maresca b. Pokorny, 7-3 / Hasanov defeated Uygur, 6-2

-75 kg

Final : Asgari vs Horuna

Bronze : Eltemur vs Kellaway / Harspataki vs Busa

½ finals : Asgari b. Eltemur, 4-4 / Horuna b. Harspataki, 4-1

-50 kg

Final : Miyahara vs Gomez Morales

Bronze : Recchia vs Sayed / Plank vs Ozcelik

½ finals : Miyahara b. Recchia, 6-2. Gomez Morales b. Plank, 8-4.

-55 kg

Final : Cardin vs Messerschmidt

Bronze : Brunori vs Kumizaki / Wen vs Attia

½ finals : Cardin b. Brunori, 4-0 / Messerschmidt b. Wen, 2-1

Kata F

Final : Sanchez vs Kokumai