The "suspense" will have lasted all week. Tonight, Friday March 6, the WKF officially announced the cancellation of Karate1 in Rabat (March 13-15). A first case of Coronavirus appeared on Monday March 2 in Morocco. The government has right away canceled the Rabat Grand Prix of Judo scheduled this weekend (March 6-8), and postponed the cycling tour of Morocco to April. It was difficult to see how the Karate1 in Rabat could be authorized. And the European championships are coming at the end of March ... What are the options for Olympic qualification ?

By Ludovic Mauchien / Photo : Kphotos

2 events were officially remaining for the Olympic qualification. The Karate1 in Rabat (March 13-15) and the European championships in Baku (March 25-30).

Considering the spread of the Coronavirus, many sports events have been canceled. Even the Olympic Games in Tokyo on the dates chosen are questioned.

Joined twice this week, the WKF confirmed that these two tournaments would however take place as agreed. But the cancellation by the Moroccan government of this weekend’s Judo Grand Prix in Rabat, which was held in the same location as Karate1, made the decision inevitable : the last worldwide test for the Olympic qualification is canceled. Therefore, what options exist regarding the outcome of the Olympic qualification ?

Option 1

The WKF decides to stop the Olympic standing on March 2, in the wake of the Karate1 in Salzburg (Feb 28-March 1). It therefore takes into account the points of the 2019 European championships for Europeans (which is currently the case).

Option 2

The WKF decides to postpone the closing date of the Olympic qualification, maintains the European championships in Baku and replaces the K1 Rabat with the K1 of Madrid scheduled for April 17-19.

Option 3

The European championships are canceled but the K1 in Rabat is replaced by this the Karate1 Madrid.

Option 4

The European championships are postponed. In this case, there will be no time for another Karate1. The timing is too  tight. It can only be in April, knowing that the Olympic Qualification Tournament will take place from May 8 to 10 in Paris. Unless it is also postponed.