For the first Karate 1 of the year, Irina Zarestka and Youssef Badawi win the competition in Fujairah. The 2-times -68kg World champion and the -84 kg World champion enforced the hierarchy. Like them, Chernysheva, Abdelaziz, Zangbyrbay, Shimizu win the Karate 1.


By Florian Fournier / Photo : WKF


-60 kg

Abdallah Hammad, the 2021 Asian champion, wins his first Karate1 by winning 1-0 in the final against Russian Ogannisian.

Final : Hammad (Jor) b. Ogannisian (Rus), 1-0
Bronze : Shaaban (Kuw) b. Ghaith (Jor), 3-3 / Baitureyev (Kaz) b. Jina (Mor), 4-3

1. Hammad (Jor)
2. Ogannisian (Rus)
3. Shaaban (Kuw) / Baitureyev (Kaz)


After 1 silver medal and 3 bronze medals in Karate 1, the Kazakh Didar Amirali won his first gold in Fujairah. Imperial, he conceded 0 points over the two days of competition.

Final : Amirali (Kaz) b. Aghalarzade (Aze), 6-0
Bronze : Maresca (Ita) b. Tadissi (Hun), 4-3 / El Sawi (Egy) b. Lotfy (Egy), 0-0

1. Amirali (Kaz)
2. Aghalarzade (Aze)
3. Maresca (Ita) / El Sawi (Egy)


Asian champion and 2021 world vice-champion, Egypt’s Abdelaziz imposes his law to win the Fujairah Karate 1. In the final, he raced in the lead without ever being bothered by Hungary’s Harspataki, who defeated Horuna in the semi-finals. The Ukrainian finally won the bronze by beating Belgium Quentin Mahauden.

Final : Abdelaziz (Egy) b. Harspataki (Hun), 4-2
Bronze : Horuna (Ukr) b. Mahauden (Bel), 5-4 / Masarweh (Jor) b. Zangbyr (Kaz), 0-0

1. Abdelaziz (Egy)
2. Harspataki (Hun)
3. Horuna (Ukr) / Masarweh (Jor)


In a fight that took time to settle between two fighters who know each other by heart, the two Egyptians Badawy and Ramadan, it is the world champion Badawy who wins 4-0.

Final : Badawy (Egy) b. Ramadan (Egy), 4-0
Bronze : Hasanov (Aze) b. Rettenbacher (Aut), 2-2 / Sriti (Mor) b. Abdullayev (Aze), 3-1

1. Badawy (Egy)
2. Ramadan (Egy)
3. Hasanov (Aze) / Sriti (Mor)


Scoring 1 point at the last second with the senshu fot him, the Egyptian Mohamed wins against his compatriot Mahmoud.

Final : Mohamed (Egy) b. Mahmoud (Egy), 3-3
Bronze : Seck (Spa) b. Toltay (Kaz), 5-0  / Timmermans (Cur) b. Kvesic (Cro), 3-2

1. Mohamed (Egy)
2. Mahmoud (Egy)
3. Seck (Spa) / Timmermans (Cur)

Kata M

Thanks to his athletic note, the Turkish Ozdemir creates the surprise by winning the final against the Japanese Moto. In a duel between the Turk’s Unsu and the Japanese's Gankaku, both got the same technical score but the judges found the Turk more athletic in his kata than the Japanese.

Final : Ozdemir (Tur) b. Moto (Jap), 26.52 / 26.46
Bronze : Abe (Jap) b. Tozaki (Usa), 26.14 / 25.20 / Torres Gutierrez (Usa) b. Heydarov (Aze), 25.66 / 24.72

1. Ozdemir (Tur)
2. Moto (Jap)
3. Abe (Jap) / Torres Gutierrez (Usa)



Asian champion last December, the Kazakh Zangbyrbay wins in Fujairah. The vice-world champion, the German Hubrich ranks 3rd.

Final : Zhangbyrbay (Kaz) b. Elgewily (Egy), 2-1
Bronze : Hubrich (Ger) b. Kryva (Ukr), 1-0 / Salazar (Ven) b. Tsukii (Phi), 6-3

1. Zhangbyrbay (Kaz)
2. Elgewily (Egy)
3. Hubrich (Ger) / Salazar (Ven)


In a duel of the category’s stars, the Russian Anna Chernysheva got the better of the Ukrainian Anzhelika Terliuga (3-2).

Final : Chernysheva (Rus) b. Terliuga (Ukr), 3-2
Bronze : Yakan (Tur) b. Kumizaki (Bra), 2-1 / Youssef (Egy) b. Warling (Lux), 1-0

1. Chernysheva (Rus)
2. Terliuga (Ukr)
3. Yakan (Tur) / Youssef (Egy)


The young Italian Mangiacapra achieved the best performance of her career by winning the final 2-0 against Anita Serogina. At 22, this is her first success on the international scene.

Final : Mangiacapra (Ita) b. Serogina (Ukr), 2-0
Bronze : Kanay (Kaz) b. Angelucci (Ita), 2-1 / Shostak (Ukr) b. Rodina (Rus), 1-0

1. Mangiacapra (Ita)
2. Serogina (Ukr)
3. Kanay (Kaz) / Shostak (Ukr)


Defeated at the Paris Open Karate by Alizee Agier, the 2-times world champion Irina Zaretska won in Fujairah. In the final, she had a big client in the person of Silvia Semeraro. Leading 2-1, the Italian then took 4 points, including a fatal sweep that put Zaretska ahead at 4-2.

Final : Zaretska (Aze) b. Semeraro (Ita), 5-2
Bronze : Abdelaziz (Egy) b. Buchinger (Aut), 1-0 / Quirici (Swi) b. Melnyk (Ukr), 5-0

1. Zaretska (Aze)
2. Semeraro (Ita)
3. Abdelaziz (Egy) / Quirici (Swi)

France’s Nancy Garcia beats the world champion ! In a fight not stingy in point (15), Nancy Garcia wins the competition by dominating Spain’s Maria Torres Garcia 8-7. A prestigious win for Nancy Garcia who keeps going on top after her success in the Paris Open Karate, at the end of January.
Final : Garcia (Fra) b. Torres Garcia (Spa), 8-7
Bronze : Keinanen (Fin) b. Jemi (Tun), 9-0  / Tatarova (Svk) b. Okila (Egy), 3-1

1. Garcia (Fra)
2. Torres Garcia (Esp)
3. Keinanen (Fin) / Tatarova (Svk)

Kata F

Shimizu is back and wins. The Olympic vice-champion came back for the Fujairah Karate 1 and won without shaking. In the final, she beat her compatriot Ono who had represented Japan at the last World chamionship.
Final : Shimizu (Jap) b. Ono (Jap), 26.86 / 26.06
Bronze : Ono (Jap) b. Hisham (Egy), 25.06 / 24.28 / Lau (Hkg) b. Casale (Ita), 25.40 / 25.14

1. Shimizu (Jap)
2. Ono (Jap)
3. Ono (Jap) / Lau (Hkg)