The two-time African champion (2018, 2019) and the -67 kg World n°2, Ali Elsawy, often delivers spectacular and indecisive fights, so much that he struggled to choose his « best fight ». The Egyptian has finally opted for his fight last year in Shanghai against the running World champion, Steven Da Costa.

By Ludovic Mauchien / Photo : Kphotos

« I have three best fights : against Ken Nishimura of Japan in the final of the World universities in 2016, against Luigi Busa of Italy in the team World championship also in 2016 and, finally, against Steven Da Costa of France in the 2019 K1 Shanghai for the bronze medal. These three fights were exceedingly difficult.

But I think the bronze medal in Shanghai was the most difficult one because my opponent (Steven) was in a good shape and had won three consecutive gold medals in Premier League and at the European championships.

A lot of people did not trust me to be able to win this fight but I didn’t feel that. I remember that my sensations and my physiology were at a good level before this fight. I decided not to hear people and to only focus about the medal fight.

This match was very tight between us. I first scored in defense with Gyaku. With 20 seconds to go, we were tied 1-1. I counter attacked Kizami and I scored to win 2-1. But the last 20 seconds were totally crazy with many attacks.

After the fight, my feeling was great, even wonderful as I proved to myself that I could do it for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I was 4th in the ranking and turned to the safe side ».


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