In Curacao, the XXXVe Panams hold all thier promises. The legends like Brose, Scott or Kokumai win their 7, 6 and 7 continental titles. The young generation like Salazar and Torres Gutierrez confirm the hopes placed in them.

By Florian Fournier

Photos : D.R


-60kg : Brose is still on top

At 36, the 3-times World champion Douglas Brose keeps winning tournaments. With this success, it’s a 7 Panams title for him.

Final : Brose (Bra) b. Riera (Ven), 4-3

1. Brose (Bra)
2. Riera (Ven)
3. Oliveira (Bra) / Larrosa (Uru)


-67kg : 7 years later for Madera

His last and only Panams title was in 2015, the Venezuelan Andres Madera wins a new one 7 years later. In final, he wins by decision.

Final : Madera (Ven) b. Miquelena (Ven), 0-0

  1. Madera (Ven)
    Miquelena (Ven)
    3. Solorzano (Mex) / Veloso (Chi)

-75kg : A new one for Scott

Thomas Scott is a Panams legend. With a total of 6 titles and 10 medals, the US karateka is still the boss of the -75kg category.

Final : Scott (Usa) b. Sobrinho (Bra), 3-0

1. Scott (Usa)
2. Sobrinho (Bra)
3. Landazury (Col) / Rodriguez (Chi)


-84kg : Henoa, new champion

For the first time in his career, Henao from Colombia becomes Panams champion.

Final : Henao (Col)  b. Silva (Bra), 3-1

1. Henao (Col)
2. Silva (Bra)
3. Valera (Ven) / Merino (Sal)


+ 84kg : Irr wins the queen category

At Panamerican championhsips, the +84kg is the best category. This year, Brian Irr from the US wins his second title. In final, he beats Rodrigo Rojas, the Chilian legend 6-1.

Final : Irr (Usa) b. Rojas (Chi), 6-1

1. Irr (Usa)
2. Rojas (Chi)
3. Felipin (Bra) / Gaysinski (Can)

Kata: Torres Gutierrez dominates Gozaki !

In a 100% US match, Ariel Torres Gutierrez keeps his crown. The US n°1, upholds his rank.

  1. Torres Gutierrez (Usa)
    Gozaki (Usa)
    3. Wong (Per) / Casanova (Ven)


Team Kumite

  1. 3. Colombia and Guatemala

Team Kata

  1. Colombia
    3. Costa Rica and Brazil


-50kg : Salazar confirms her statute

The Venezuelan Salazar, 1st at the K1 Matosinhos and 3rd at the K1 Rabat, wins a new Panams title. The top 5 world ranking, confirms her rank.   

Final : Salazar (Ven) b. Polanco (Dom), 5-0

1. Salazar (Ven)
2. Polanco (Dom)
3. Benitez (Arg) / Izaguirre (Sal)


-55kg : 1st title for Toro Meneses

The young Chilian Toro Meneses wins her first continental title and certainly not the last.  

Final : Toro Meneses (Chi) b. Perez (Ven), 2-1

1. Toro Meneses (Chi)
2. Perez (Ven)
3. Furumoto (Can) / Allen (Usa)


-61kg: 2nd gold for Jumaa

One more for Jumaa ! Top in -61kg in the world karate competitions, Haya Jumaa wins her 2nd Panams after 2021.

Final : Jumaa (Can) b. Garces Sequera (Ven), 2-1

1. Jumaa (Can)
2. Garces Sequera (Ven)
3. Pereira (Bra) and Factos (Ecu)

-68kg : Premier for Rodrigues

The young Brazilian (21 y), Barbara Rodrigues, wins her first Panams.

Final : Rodrigues (Bra) b. Cuervo (Ven), 7-1

1. Rodrigues (Bra)
2. Cuervo (Ven)
3. Prezotti (Bra) and Bratic (Can)


+ 68kg : Padilha from 2nd to 1st

2nd last year, the Brazilian Padilha head down Gonzalez 10-1 to win her 1st Panams title.

Final : Padilha (Bra) b. Gonzalez (Chi), 10-1

1. Padilha (Bra)
2. Gonzalez (Chi)
3. Rodriguez (Dom) and Diaz (Can)

Kata : 7 one for Kokumai

The bronze Olympic medalist, Sakura Kokumai, wins her 7 Panams title.

1. Kokumai (Usa)
2. Dimitrova (Dom)
3. De La Rue Villapando (Mex) / Armada (Ven)

Team Kumit

3. USA and Dominican Rep

Team Kata

3. Colombia and Chile