She needs to win the Continental title to get her qualification for the Games. The German Jana Messerschmidt is close to succeed. Qualified for the final at the European Championships, Jana Messerschmidt can still believe in her dream.

By Florian Fournier
Photos : D.R


-60kg :

Final : Kalnins (Lat) vs Samdan (Tur)

Bronze : Haas (Ger) vs Xenos (Gre)  / Greco (Ita) vs Ogannisian (Rus)

½ finals : Kalnins (Lat) b. Haas (Ger), 4-1 / Samdan (Tur) b. Greco (Ita), 7-1

-67kg :

Final : Plakhutin (Rus) vs Dionysios (Gre)

Bronze : Uygur (Tur) vs Da Costa (Fra) / Berak (Cro) vs Pokorny (Aut)

½ finals : Plakhutin (Rus) b. Uygur (Tur), 1-1 / Dionysios (Gre) b. Berak (Cro), 3-2

Highlights : The 2018 world champion and 2019 European champion, Steven Da Costa lost 8-2 in quarterfinals against Russia’s Plakhutin. Quickly led 3-0, the Frenchman manages to come back to 3-2 before seeing his opponent gain the upper hand.

The -60 kg World champion, the Italian Angelo Crescenzo, registered present in -67kg to prepare the Olympics (-60kg and -67kg are joined) lost in the 1st round against the 2017-2018 world champion, the Turkish Burak Uygur (1- 0).

Team Kata M :

Finale : Spain vs Turkey

Bronze : Italy vs Slovakia / Russia vs Azerbaijan

-50kg :

Final : Ozcelik (Tur) vs Hubrich (Ger)

Bronze : Recchia (Fra) vs Perfetto (Ita)  / Kryva (Ukr) vs Milivojcevic (Srb)

½ final : Ozcelik (Tur) b. Recchia (Fra), 5-0 /  Hubrich (Ger) b. Kryva (Ukr), 4-0

Highlights : For her last European championship, Alexandra Recchia qualifies for the bronze medal. Already 3rd at the K1 in Lisbon, the five-time world champion is back at the best time. Winner of Recchia in semi-final, the Turkish Ozcelik will try to win the title she got in 2018.

-55kg :

Final : Messerschmidt (Ger) vs Chernysheva (Rus)

Bronze : Gasimova (Aze) vs Sharykhina (Blr)  / Cardin (Ita) vs Maksimovic (Mne)

½ finals : Messerschmidt (Ger) b. Gasimova (Aze), 5-1 / Chernysheva (Rus) b. Cardin (Ita), 5-3

Highlights : World No.1 and 2018 European champion, the Ukrainian Terliuga lost in the round of 16 5-2 against the 2014 world champion, the Italian Cardin.

Team Kata F

Final : Spain vs Italy

Bronze : France vs Germany / Portugal vs Turkey