In this second day of the olympic qualification tournament, 9 athletes won their pass to Tokyo. The most famous are the US Ariel Torres Gutierrez in male kata, Anita Serogina from Ukraine in -61kg and Noah Bitsch from Germany in -75kg.

By Florian Fournier
Photos : D.R


Kata M : Torres Gutierrez joins his girlfriend Grace Lau to the Olympics

He was too strong for the others. The US Ariel Torres Gutierrez, won the OQT and got his ticket for Tokyo. Grace Lau’s boyfriend joins his girlfriend already qualified for the Olympics. (His reaction)
Wang (Tpe) and Park (Korea) are also qualified for Tokyo.

Ranking :

  1. Torres Gutierrez (Usa) 6 pts
  2. Wang (Tpe) 4pts
  3. Park (Cor) 2pts
  4. Shahrjerdi (Ira) 0 pts

1st match : Wang (Tpe) b. Park (Kor), 25 – 24,98

2nd match : Torres Gutierrez (Usa) b. Shahrjerdi (Ira), 25.66 – 24,66

3rd : Torres Gutierrez (Usa) vs Wang (Tpe), 26 – 25,4

4th : Park (Kor) b. Shahrjerdi (Ira), 25,98 – 25,26

5th : Wang (Tpe) b. Shahrjerdi (Ira), 25,62 – 24,28

6th : Torres Gutierrez (Usa) b. Park (Kor), 26,26 – 25,32

-61kg / Serogina made it

In this category, the opposition was very tough. Sadini (Mar) , Serogina (Ukr) and Garces Sequera (Ven) were the strongest and will represent their country at the Olympics.

Ranking :

  1. Sadini (Mar) 5 pts
  2. Serogina (Ukr) 5pts
  3. Garces Sequera (Ven) 2pts
  4. Zakharova (Kaz) 0 pts

1st : Sadini (Mar) b. Zakharova (Kaz), 1-0

2nd : Serogina (Ukr) b. Garces Sequera (Ven), 2-0

3rd : Garces Sequera (Ven) b. Zakharova (Kaz), 9-6

4th : Serogina (Ukr) and Sadini (Mar), 0-0

5th : Serogina (Ukr) b. Zakharova (Kaz), 1-0

6th : Sadini (Mar) b. Garces Sequera (Ven), 5-0

-75kg / Bitsch and Harspataki are qualified

Even if the top fighters are not here, this category stays tought. In this day, Azhikanov (Kaz), Bitsch (Ger) and Harspataki (Hun) joins Aghayev, Horuna, Nishimura, Asgari and Busa for the Olympics.

Ranking :

  1. Azhikanov (Kaz) 4 pts
  2. Harspataki (Hun) 3pts
  3. Bitsch (Ger) 3pts
  4. Alnajjar (Jor) 2 pts

1st : Alnajjar (Jor) b. Bitsch (Ger), 3-2

2nd : Azhikanov (Kaz) b. Harspataki (Hun), 4-1

3rd : Harspataki (Hun) b. Alnajjar (Jor), 5-4

4th : Bitsch (Ger) b. Azhikanov (Kaz), 4-1

5th : Nurkanat (Kaz) b. Alnajjar (Jor), 4-2

6th : Harspatki (Hun) and Bitsch (Ger), 0-0