Before the OQT, Elana Quirici from Switzerland and Gogita Arkania from Georgia were very close to get their ticket to Tokyo. Today, they did the job and got their qualification for the OLympics.

By Florian Fournier
Photos : D.R


+61kg / Quirici did it !

In this category, we have lots of surprises, the French Alizée Agier, Elena Chatziliadou from Greece, the Spanish Maria Torres Garcia and the Kazakh Berulsetva lost in eliminatory rounds. Quirici (Swi), Semeraro (Ita) and Abdelaziz (Egy) are qualified for the Olympics.

Ranking :

  1. Quirici (Swi) 6 pts
  2. Semeraro (Ita) 4pts
  3. Abdelaziz (Egy) 2pts
  4. Bratic (Can) 0 pts

1st : Semeraro (Ita) b. Bratic (Can), 4-0

2nd : Quirici (Swi) b. Abdelaziz (Egy), 2-1

3rd : Abdelaziz (Egy) b. Bratic (Can), 2-0

4th : Quirici (Swi) b. Semeraro (Ita), 2-1

5th : Quirici (Swi) b. Bratic (Can), 1-0

6th : Semeraro (Ita) b. Abdelaziz (Egy), 3-0


+75kg / Arkania, a true champion

Close to get his qualification by the ranking, the Georgian Gogita Arkania won his ticket on this tournament. Gaysinsky (Can) and Hamedi (Ksa) the Asian champion 2019 are also qualified.

Ranking :

  1. Hamedi (Ksa) 5 pts
  2. Arkania (Geo) 4pts
  3. Gaysinsky (Can) 2pts
  4. Lardy (Ned) 1 pts

1st : Hamedi (Ksa) b Lardy (Ned), 4-1

2nd : Arkania (Geo) b. Gaysinsky (Can), 2-1

3rd : Arkania (Geo) and Lardy (Ned), 0-0

4th : Hamedi (Ksa) b. Gaysinsky (Can), 9-7

5th : Gaysinsky (Can) and Lardy (Ned), 3-3

6th : Hamedi (Ksa) and Arkania (Geo), 0-0