After the K1 Matosinhos, the next step is in Rabat (Morocco) from May 13 to May 15. For this edition, few athletes are present. Only 20 karatekas on average by category. But the level stays high. At two weeks of the European and Panamerican championships, the Karate 1 Rabat is a good preparation. Terliuga, Zaretska, Torres Garcia, Xenos, Mahauden, Kvesic, Seck, Figueira and Torres will settle the last details. To notice, the comeback of Ayumi Uekusa.

By Florian Fournier
Photos : Karatepix


The Karate 1 Rabat will be quite special this year with few athletes in each category. However, some athletes come to confirm their status and get points to qualify for the World games in July. Winners at Matosinhos, Salazar, Terliuga, Zaretska, Seck would be expected. Besides the last winners of the karate1 Matosinhos (April 22-24), the Europeans and the Americans who prepare their continental championships, some Japanese come to Rabat to win the competition. Among then, Ayumi Uekusa who just came back from a camp in Azerbaijan with Terliuga and Zaretska.

To follow the competition, the WKF offers a live during all the competition on its YouTube Channel.