On this final day in Portugal for the Karate1 Matosinhos, the Ukraine team shines thanks to its women athletes. Anzhelika Terliuga and Anita Serogina win the gold and Melnyk the bronze.

Other hightlight of the day, Steven Da Costa wins the gold and remains the boss. Many athletes win their 1st Karate 1.


By Florian Fournier

Photo : Karatepix 



Maybe it will be the European final in one month. The Greek Xenos and the Italian Crescenzo have made a great final. At the end, Xenos wins 2-0.

Final : C.Xenos (Gre) b. A.Crescenzo (Ita), 2-0

Bronze : D.Greco (Ita) b. O.Edari (Mar), 0-0 (5-0) and E.Samdan (Tur) b. D.Imrich (Svk), 2-0

Podium :

1.C.Xenos (Gre)

2.A.Crescenzo (Ita)

3.D.Greco (Ita) / E.Samdan (Tur)


If you want a real fight, if you want to see a show, just call Steven Da Costa. The 2-times world champion and olympic champion wins the Karate1 Matosinhos after a great final. Surprised right away by an Ura mawshi and a Kizami of the Jordanian Almasatfa (who beat him at the Games), Steven Da Costa scores with an Ashi baraï and a Mawashi chudan to take the lead 5-4. Final score : 5-5, and the referees give the win to the French men by a 3-2 decision.

Final : S.Da Costa (Fra) b. Almasatfa (Jor), 5-5

Bronze : N.Pisino (Swi) b. S.Oubaya (Mar) ,1-1 and S.Nakano (Jap) b. T.Aghalarzade (Aze), 3-0

Podium :

1.S.Da Costa (Fra)
2.Almasatfa (Jor)
3. N.Pisino (Swi) / S.Nakano (Jap)


In -75kg, it’s not easy to be named Aghayev. For Farid, the success will wait. In final, he lost against Daniele De Vivo.

Final : D.De Vivo (Ita) b. F.Aghayev (Aze), 1-0

Bronze : T.Scott (Usa) b. T.Duarte (Por), 4-0 and A.Zaplitnyi (Ukr) b. L.Pietromarchi (Ita), 1-1

Podium :

1.D.De Vivo (Ita)

2.F.Aghayev (Aze)

  1. Scott (Usa) / A.Zaplitnyi (Ukr)

-84 kg

In a tight final, Brian Timmermans wins 2-1 against Michele Martina.

Final : B.Timmermans (PB) b. M.Martina (Ita),2-1

Bronze : M.Ramadan (Egy) b. M.Sriti (Mar),1-0 and F.Alnashri (KSA) b. A.Minardi (Ita), 5-2

Podium :

1.Brian Timmermans (PB)
2.Michele Martina (Ita)
3. M.Ramadan (Egy) / F.Alnashri (KSA)

+84 kg

First final and first win for Babacar Seck in Karate1. The Spanish guy dominates Rob Timmermans, 3-1 in final.

Final : B.Seck (Spa) b. R.Timmermans (Cur), 3-1

Bronze : L. Costa (Bel) b. R.Rettenbacher (Aut), 10-3 and A.Kvesic (Cro) b. A.Gurbanli (Aze), 4-2

Podium :

1.Babacar Seck (Spa)

2.Rob Timmermans (Cur)
3.L. Costa (Bel) / A.Kvesic (Cro)


A Japan guy can hide another one. If it’s not Kiyuna, if it’s not Moto, it’s … Kakeru Kishiyama, who wins his first Karate1 and for sure not the last one.

Final : Nishiyama (Jap) b. Sofuoglu (Tur)

Podium :

1.Nishiyama (Jap)
2.Sofuoglu (Tur)
3. Ozdemir (Tur) / Quintero (Spa)



Rising star of this category, the Venezuelian Salazar wins after a strong match against the legend Serap Ozcelik, 6-0, to get her first Karate1.

Final : Y.Salazar (Ven) b. S.Ozcelik (Tur), 6-0

Bronze : S.Leal (Por) b. I.Kontou (Cyp), 3-0 and S.Bugur (Mar) b. Tsang (Hkg), 3-1

Podium :

1.Y.Salazar (Ven)

2.S.Ozcelik (Tur)

  1. Leal (Por) / S.Bugur (Mar)


It was not the fight of the year but for Anzhelika Terliuga the most important was the victory. For her and for her country.

Final : A.Terliuga (Ukr) b. Y.Tuba (Tur), 0-0

Bronze : M.Stoli (Gre) b. C.Fernandez (Spa), 4-1 and V.Brunori (Ita) b. J.Warling (Lux), 3-1

Podium :

1.A.Terliuga (Ukr)

2.Y.Tuba (Tur)
3. M.Stoli (Gre) / V.Brunori (Ita)

-61 kg

Like the other Ukrainians, this victory is a huge symbol for Anita Serogina.

Final : Anita Serogina (Ukr) b. Assel Kanay (Kaz), 3-2

Bronze : H.Jumaa (Can) b. A.Grande (Per), 0-0 and D.Shostak (Ukr) b. A. Mangiacapra (Ita), 3-2


1.Anita Serogina (Ukr)
2.Assel Kanay (Kaz)
3. D.Shostak (Ukr) / H.Jumaa (Can)

-68 kg

It’s a classic fight in final. Silvia Semeraro and Irina Zaretska know each other perfectly. This time, Semeraro wins by decison.

Final : Silvia Semeraro (Ita) b. Irina Zaretska (Aze), 0-0

Bronze : E.Quirici (Swi) b. A.Buchinger (Aut), 2-0 and H.Melnyk (Ukr) b. Kopunova (Svk), 6-5

Podium :

1.Silvia Semeraro (Ita)
2.Irina Zaretska (Aze)
3.E.Quirici (Swi) / H.Melnyk (Ukr)

+68 kg

The Young Croatian (22 years old) wins her 1st Karate 1 without doubting a second against Turkish HOcaoglu.

Final :  Lesjak (Cro) b. Hocaoglu (Tur), 3-2

Bronze : Saito (Jap) b. Pascual (Spa),4-1 and Creemers (Ned) b. Kaufmann (Swi), 3-1


1.Lesjak (Cro)

2.Hocaoglu (Tur)
3.Saito (Jap)/Creemers (Ned)


Without Sandra Sanchez, Kiyou Shimizu wins the karate 1 and remains one of the bosses in female kata.

Final : K.Shimizu (Jap) b. G.Lau (Hkg)

Podium :

1.K.Shimizu (Jap)
2.G.Lau (Hkg)
3. H.Ono (Jap) / M.Ono (Jap)


Video impressions of the athletes to come ...