In this day of finals in Gaziantep, Anzhelika Terliuga wins her 2nd title after 2018. For the Ukrainian, this is more than a simple win.
This day have been also marked by the Turkish domination. With 6 titles, it’s a very good day for the Turkish karate. Other fact of the day, the final of +84kg between Kvesic and Costa. This fight was fabulous.

By Florian Fournier

Photos : Denis Boulanger


-60kg: Eray Samdan for the 2nd time

In a tactical fight between two superstars of the category, at home the Turk Eray Samdan find the way to success with a tsuki. A point which offers him his second European title in a row. In the bronze match, we have a remake of the last bronze European match between Xenos (Gre) and Haas (Ger). Last year, Xenos won 5-1, this year, the score doubles and Xenos wins 10-2 with a spectacular Ashi baraï.

Final : Samdan (Tur) b. Crescenzo (Ita), 1-0

Bronze : Gehtbarg (Isr) b. Imrich (Svk), 6-0 / Xenos (Gre) b. Haas (Ger), 10-2

1. Samdan (Tur)
2. Crescenzo (Ita)
3. Gehtbarg (Isr) / Xenos (Gre)


-67kg: Uygur beats the European champion

After 2017 and 2018, Burak Uygur wins a third European title. In final, he fought against Xenos the European champion and wins 4-0.
Olympic champion and 2-times world champion, the French Steven Da Costa takes the bronze with a 6-2 against Berak.

Final : Uygur (Tur) b. Xenos (Gre), 4-0
Bronze : Da Costa (Fra) b. Berak (Cro), 6-2 / Mendes (Por) b. Joksic (Srb), 6-4

  1. Uygur (Tur)
    Xenos (Gre)
    3. Mendes (Por) / Da Costa (Fra)

-75kg: Eltemur at home

In a tough fight against the sensation of day one, British Brandon Wilkins, the Turk Erman Eltemur wins his first European crown. 1-1 during the majority of the fight, the Turk makes the decision with a speed mawashi geri shudan. In the bronze match, Luigi Busa wins thanks to an Ura mawashi geri jodan 3-2.

Final : Eltemur (Tur) b. Wilkins (Eng), 3-1

Bronze : Busa (Ita) b. Bargados (Spa), 3-2  / Shabani (Kos) b. Turjula (Bih), 2-1

1. Eltemur (Tur)
2. Wilkins (Eng)
3. Busa (Ita) / Shabani (Kos)


-84kg: Gyorgi, new European champion

In a category very open, the Hungarian Daniel Gyorgi wins the competition. Without a real leader, this category was promised to whoever wanted it the most.

Final : Gyorgi (Hun)  b. Garibovic (Cro), 3-2

Bronze : Deghali (Bel) vs Martina (Ita) 2-1 / Spanesovski (Mkd) vs Oz (Tur) 2-0

1. Gyorgi (Hun)
2. Garibovic (Cro)
3. Deghali (Bel) / Spanesovski (Mkd)


+ 84kg : Kvesic, a spectacular victory

3rd in 2019, the Croatian Andjelo Kvesic becomes European champion by winning the fight of the day. He was leading 4-1 before Costa speeds up and leads 7-4. Kvesic then won 13-7. In this fight, the two fighters make lots of techniques. Ashi baraï, Mawashi Jodan, Mawashi Chudan... With no doubt the fight of the day.

Final : Kvesic (Cro) b. Costa (Bel), 13-7

Bronze : Talibov (Ukr) vs Kosa (Svk) 6-1 / Arkania (Geo) vs Anderson (Sco) 1-0

1. Kvesic (Cro)
2. Costa (Bel)
3. Talibov (Ukr) / Arkania (Geo)

Kata: Sofuoglu retains his title !

He confirmed it ! The Turk Ali Sofuoglu is the new king of Kata in Europe. After his title last year in Croatia, Sofuoglu, author of a powerful and dynamic Gojushiho Sho, dominates once again Damian Quintero in final. This new win of the Turk looks like an handover between him and Quintero.

Final : Sofuoglu (Tur) b. Quintero (Spa) 27.34 – 26.62

Bronze : Ujihara (Swi) b. Ngoan (Fra), 25.06 – 24.4 / Busato (Ita) b. Botton (Hun), 25.6 – 24.94

1. Sofuoglu (Tur)
2. Quintero (Spa)
3. Ujihara (Swi) / Busato (Ita)



-50kg : Ozcelik wins a 6th title

Brillant fight and brillant victory for Serap Ozcelik. The Turk wins her 6th European title. With an Ura mawashi geri and a Mawashi geri jodan, Ozcelik makes the show. She continues to write her legend in this category.  

Final : Ozcelik (Tur) b. Perfetto (Ita), 9-5
Bronze : Ahmed (Fra) b. Hoffmann (Lux), 5-0 / Pehar (Cro) b. Ahmetovic (Bih), 0-0

1. Ozcelik (Tur)
2. Perfetto (Ita)
3. Ahmed (Fra) / Pehar (Cro)


-55kg: Terliuga takes her revenge

It’s a real symbol. In the remake of the Olympic final, the Ukrainian Anzhelika Terliuga takes her revenge over the Olympic champion Ivet Goranova. With a large success 11-3, Terliuga wins her 2nd European title after 2018. But this one, with the war in her country, is more symbolic.

Final : Terliuga (Ukr) b. Goranova (Bul), 11-3

Bronze : Sadigova (Aze) b. Brunori (Ita) 4-3 / Connell (Sco) b. Sipovic (Bih), 2-1

1. Terliuga (Ukr)
2. Goranova (Bul)
3. Sadigova (Aze) / Connell (Sco)


-61kg: Suchankova up from 3rd to 1st

After three bronze medals in 2015, 2019 and 2021, the Slovakian Ingrida Suchankova wins the European title. In final, she beats the last bronze medal, the German Miggou (2-1). Vice world champion in Dubaï, the Ukranian Anita Serogina wins the bronze medal in a great fight against Lynn Snel, the last bronze medal at the World championships.

Final : Suchankova (Svk) b. Miggou (Ger), 2-1

Bronze : Sivert (Fra) b. Kostovska (Mkd)  6-3 / Serogina (Ukr) b. Snel (Ned), 4-0

1. Suchankova (Svk)
2. Miggou (Ger)
3. Sivert (Fra) and Serogina (Ukr)

-68kg : Eltemur, the consecration

Bronze medal in Porec 2021, the Turk Eda Eltemur success at home with a victory on the Slovak Kopanuva 2-0. This is the first big title for her. Bronze medalist, Pantesidou from Greece and Agier from France win their 4 and 3 european medals.

Final : Eltemur (Tur) b. Kopanuva (Svk), 2-0

Bronze : Panetsidou (Gre) vs Makyan (Arm), 7-4 /  Agier (Fra) vs Schroeter (Ger) 5-5

1. Eltemur (Tur)
2. Kopanuva (Svk)
3. Agier (Fra) and Panetsidou (Gre)


+ 68kg Perovic wins her 1st title

At 20, the young Serbian, Ivana Perovic wins her 1st title in European senior championships. 5th in Dubai for the World championships, the junior World champion (2019) becomes a new face to follow in this category of +68 kg.

Final : Perovic (Srb) b. Boussebaa (Hun), 1-0

Bronze : Kydonaki (Gre) b. Lesjak (Cro) 3-1 / Garcia (Fra) b. Junner (Sco) 4-2

1. Perovic (Srb)
2. Boussebaa (Hun)
3. Kydonaki (Gre) and Garcia (Fra)

Kata: 7 in a row for Sanchez

Great contender of the competition, Spain's Sandra Sanchez won her 7th consecutive European title, and the last one as she retires this year. The 2-times world champion and Olympic champion is untouchable. In the remake of the last European final, the score remains the same between the same opponents. At home, Dilara Bozan ranked 2nd.

Final : Sanchez (Spa) b. Bozan (Tur), 27.2 – 25.7

Bronze : D’Onofrio (Ita) b. Cruz (Por), 26.4 – 24.94 /  Juettner (Ger) b. Miskova (Cze), 25.18 -24.68

1. Sanchez (Spa)
2. Bozan (Tur)
3. D’Onofrio (Ita) / Juettner (Ger)

Team Kumite

3. Spain and France